U.S : National Correctional Officer’s Week – May 1-7

We observe National Correctional Officers Week in the primary seven day stretch of May — from May 1 to 7 this year. Previous President Ronald Reagan laid out this week on May 5, 1984. He saw the need to make seven days for prison guards to say thanks to them for their administrations and commend their commitments to society. Frequently, they are to ensure the court orders are seen through and carried out. During this week, different U.S. organizations honor prison guards in our prisons, jails, and local area restorative offices by getting sorted out various projects for them.

Back in 1871, jail staff was negligible. At that point, the Colorado Territorial Prison utilized only one superintendent and six watchmen who were known as ‘turnkeys,’ since their positions were basically locking and opening the detainees’ phones. This position paid about $25 each month and required no training or actual ability. For a long time, the turnkeys were not intense about their job since it requested little from them. They seldom wore the legitimate uniform or kept an expert appearance before the prisoners.


During the 1940s, the jail financial plan expanded while the huge jail populace diminished. This permitted jail directors to expand their assumptions for prison guards and make their positions more interdisciplinary. Prison guards started to be more expert and particular.

During the 1950s, jail foundations turned out to be less extreme and detainee programs reoriented with a rehabilitative way of thinking. Prisons came to be called restorative establishments, and jail monitors became prison guards. Prison guards got a climb in their compensation grade, an expert workplace, and high level preparation to perform better in their professions.

During the 1990s, with the expansion in detainee populace, remedial establishments ignored their recovery and their treatment was extreme. A few organizations went under assault by people in general for social liberties breaks and the ineffectual treatment of their prisoners. Prison guards were likewise scrutinized for their idiocy in managing stuffing. As a reaction to this, restorative establishments modified their preparation modules once more and stressed impressive skill in the prison guards.



  • 2040 B.C.
    The Earliest Jail Systems
    The Egyptians present the earliest known imprisoning frameworks.
  • 1700s
    Restorative Institutions are Introduced
    The offices lodging detainees change from huge rooms to tremendous remedial lodging frameworks, zeroing in on recovery, not just imprisonment.
  • 1800s
    A Change in the Punishment System
    The technique for discipline is changed from corporal to mental discipline, difficult work, and transportation.
  • 1984
    The Week is Established
    President Ronald Reagan lays out National Correctional Officer’s Week on May 5.

What precludes you from turning into a prison guard?

Having a crook record excludes you from turning into a prison guard.

Are prison guards cops?

Indeed. Prison guards are cops.

Do prison guards convey guns?

No, most prison guards don’t convey firearms. Nonetheless, at government medium and greatest security establishments, they are expected to convey guns.



  • Send a note to say thanks
    It doesn’t take anything to say a little much obliged. Tell your neighborhood prison guard that their work matters.
  • Peruse up about the job
    Assuming that you secure this position fascinating, the most effective way to begin is by perusing up about what the calling involves. Find your closest library or peruse the web for more information about the job.
  • Tweet about it
    Show the amount you value prison guards by tweeting about them each and every day of the week. Remember to add the hashtag #NationalCorrectionalOfficersWeek!


They need a secondary school recognition
A secondary school recognition is a base necessity to apply as a prison guard.

They go through preparing before business
They are prepared at an institute run by the recruiting office or a privately owned business where they learn jail strategies, tasks, and security methods.

Most officials normal $43,300 per year
As indicated by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, up until May 2011, most prison guards made about $43,300 every year.

The most significant compensation was $69,840 each year
The most noteworthy remuneration got by prison guards was about $69,840 each year in New Jersey.

A 5% increment in work possibilities
Concentrate on reports uncover a 5% increment in positions for prison guards in the future due to populace development.


They accomplish significant work
Prison guards assist with protecting our local area. They additionally assist with restoring wrongdoers.

We commend their commitment
It is critical as far as we’re concerned to praise the endeavors of prison guards. They assume a significant part in maintaining everything under control inside the offices.

It is a concealed public help
Since prison guards’ work environment is in a solid and confidential area, we frequently don’t consider them to be important for our public life. In any case, it is critical to recollect that they assume a major part in guaranteeing public security.